A roof is a significant investment and an essential part of the structure of your house. Roofing repair and installation projects should, therefore, be left out to trustworthy contractors. GAF certified roofing contractors are highly trained and meet industry best practices. GAF Certified roofers are also elite within the roofing industry. A roofing contractor must meet the GAF’s roofing standards to earn a certification as a GAF contractor. Earning this privilege isn’t easy. Research has shown that only 3% of roofing contractors throughout North America are GAF Certified. Here are reasons why a residential homeowner should always consider hiring a GAF contractor.

GAF Warranties

The Master Elite status grants GAF certified contractors access to the industry’s most powerful warranties. Warranties offered by GAF contractors include:

  • Golden Pledge Limited Warranty
  • System Plus Limited Warranty
  • Silver Pledge Limited Warranty

While these warranties have varied details, each provides long-term roof protection. The warranties protect certain portions of new roofs for up to 5 decades or even a lifetime. GAF warranties are a direct benefit to the consumer. These warranties will cover you even against the worst crisis.

High Training

Earning the status of a Master Elite roofer is a continuous process. Master Elite roofers must continue to train and hone their skills to pass the certification exam and maintain their status. By hiring a GAF Master Elite, you can be sure that they will uphold professionalism when maintaining, repairing, and installing your roof.

Quality Workmanship

GAF doesn’t confer the Master Elite status on every roofer. Contractors must demonstrate superior artistry, quality, and customer satisfaction to earn this designation. GAF roofers must maintain at least 99 percent customer certification to maintain the Master Elite status. Hiring a roofing contractor with GAF certification guarantees nothing but the best customer service and roofing quality.


Quality roofing begins with the reputation of the roofer. GAF certified roofers have continuously raised the roofing industry standards. Roofers with the Master Elite status strive for innovation and excellence at every turn. GAF contractors boast century-long track records of superior workmanship and quality roofing materials.

Free Roof Inspection

Hiring a GAF Master Elite roofer for repair or installation makes you eligible for a free roof inspection. During the examination, the contractor will check for potential flaws on your roof and ensure it was installed correctly. Knowing that your roof is in a flawless state will give you peace of mind.


If you want your roof to serve you for decades, then consider hiring a GAF certified roofer. Shingles are known to be durable, but their durability partly depends on how well they were installed. Hiring a roofer with a Master Elite status allows you to maximize all the benefits that come with GAF roofing products. GAF roof contractors are dedicated to craftsmanship and always strive to ensure your roofing materials last as long as possible.

GAF certified roofers are always prepared to handle any roofing project with excellent customer support and attention to detail. These contractors have the paperwork to prove their worth. Whether you want to replace your roof or do some simple repairs, enlist the help of a GAF certified roofer.