Siding Repair Specialists

We are proud to provide premium siding products.

Searching for reliable siding contractors near you? Look no further! We can provide a free home siding repair estimate and consult you through the process of your home’s siding replacement. At the Whiting Company, we don’t just provide a reliable service, we only use the best siding suppliers to provide our clients the best experience possible.

Similar to the importance of your roofing, the siding on your home helps protect it from the elements. Siding should both look great and function properly, providing insulation and withstanding impact from rain, winds, and other impacts.

Wood Siding Replacement

Damaged siding may not be worth repairing. Especially if your home has signs of rotted wood siding. Rotting siding is hard to maintain and is usually a sign it’s time for replacing siding that is damaged. We sugggest you replace with vinyl siding which is easier to maintain, performs better, and looks great.

Vinyl Siding Repair

We have vast experience dealing with homes whose vinyl siding is in need of repair or maintenance. Vinyl siding is very durable, but it is still susceptible to damage. Hot temperatures in the summer can melt the siding, while the cold winters can cause the vinyl siding to become brittle. Give us a call if you need a professional to evaluate your home’s vinyl siding.

Free Siding Estimates!

We are happy to provide home siding repair evaluations by one of our trained and certified professionals free of charge to any prospective customers.