One of the most important responsibilities of a homeowner is to take care of their investment. This is especially true when it comes to their roof. However, because it is such a critical part of your home, there must be a focus on who you allow to work on it. This is because although there are plenty of people who will offer their assistance, only a few are qualified enough to do so. One of those includes CertainTeed contractors. These are contractors who have years of experience under their belt and thus ready to take on most roofing jobs. Read on to learn why your next roofing project should be taken care of by one of these experts. 

CertainTeed Contractors Are Both Licensed and Hold a Credential

One of the most common questions homeowners have is which is better, someone with a license or someone with a credential? The fact is that both types of contractors are perfectly suited to work on a roof. However, when you have both, you have that added bonus of having someone who has taken the extra step to learn further about their craft. This is exactly what you will get when you bring on a CertainTeed contractor to work on your roof. A contractor that has taken that extra step and thus understands the challenges that homeowners face as well as how to fix them. 

Offers Business Insurance

A common concern amongst homeowners is the risk of something going wrong during the renovation project. This is a concern that is very much warranted as working within a high place with dangerous tools can pose a risk to both workers and your home. That is why homeowners should always avoid working with contractors who are not either part of an official company or legally licensed to work on a roof. If anything does go wrong, you may end up having to pay out of pocket for not only the damages but for a whole new roof. However, when you bring on a CertainTeed contractor, you will have peace of mind that you will be protected by their business insurance if something goes wrong. 

Extended Manufacturer Warranties

A huge incentive of working with a CertainTeed contractor is that you’re often going to receive an extension on your manufacturer warranty. Contrary to popular belief, just because the work is done on your roof does not mean you should let your guard down. Issus such as a strong windstorm passing by can lead to your shingles and other material being damaged. It is in this type of scenario when that extended manufacturer warranty comes in handy. The warranty will help pay for not only the materials needed but also much of the labor. 

In the end, having a contractor with the proper license and credentials is everything if you wish to have a proper roofing repair/replacement done. All that is possible by taking the time to speak with your nearest CertainTeed contractor.