Why Do Roofs Need To Be Replaced

Do you need a new roof when the old one starts leaking? Sometimes all you need is a simple repair and the roof is good to run for many more years. Other times, it is so obvious to the naked eye that your roof needs a replacement. When the signs that you need a new roof are hard to spot, you need to know exactly what to look for. At times, you may decide to replace a roof even before the old one has enough damages – say to improve the value of a home and enhance the curb appeal. Whatever the reason you have to replace a roof, the project is always a major investment.

Roofs Older than 20 Years 

Asphalt roofs will give you about 25 years of service if you properly maintain them. After the 20th year, the roof may already have enough damages that it starts leaking even after simple repairs. To be on the safe side, you need to replace a roof at between 80 and 85 percent of the manufacturer’s estimated life of the roof. For instance, shingles estimated to last for 25 years should be replaced at 20 years. This way, you do not have to wait until the roof fails completely.  

Premature Failure from Installation Defects 

Although a roof should last as long as the manufacturer states, there are times when the roof fails prematurely. This can be due to improper installation, inadequate ventilation, and heat that build up in the attic. Improper ventilation can cause shingles or full sections of a roof to slide off. Repairs will not help where the structure of the roof is not installed right. 

In case of improper ventilation, heat or cold in the attic shortens the life of your roof significantly. Note that, improper installation and ventilation voids the warranty from the manufacturer. 

Damages from a Storm  

Severe storms and ice dams can damage even a new roof. High winds can rip off shingles and can drop trees, which fall on your roof. Hails can cause damage to the metal panels, affecting the integrity of the metal structure. In case of asphalt shingles, hails can affect the downspouts, vents, gutters, and flushing on the roof. 

Homeowners need to know what warranties and insurance coverages cover in case of a storm damage. 


Some more signs that you need a new roof include dark streaks on the roof, moss growing on the surface of your roof, spots where granules are missing and edges of shingles being curled. You can also replace a roof if there are cracked or missing shingles or all your neighbors are replacing their roofs and the houses were built at the same time.