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Whiting Company is your best bet for quality roofing in Baltimore. Since opening our doors, we’ve made a name for ourselves as the area’s leading local roofing company. Known for quality work, fast service, and incredibly fair prices, we help keep you covered without breaking the bank. Dependable, professional, affordable: We are the team for you.

To schedule a consultation, or to request a quote, give us a call at (301) 218-5400 today.

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Roofers Who Value Customer Service

Homeowners and property managers want to work with roofers who are reliable, responsive, and trustworthy. They want a company that will listen to their concerns and provide solutions that meet their specific needs. In short, they want to work with roofers like us.

What does good customer service mean to us? Good customer service means that you’ll feel confident that your roofing needs are being met. That’s why we provide only high-quality roofing work backed by experience and a commitment to the highest levels of craftsmanship. Working with us also means that you’ll have someone to turn to if you have any questions or concerns during the roofing process, which can be especially important during complex or lengthy projects.

When you work with Whiting Company, you can always expect the following:

  • Expertise
  • Reliability
  • Attention to detail
  • Quality materials
  • Transparency
  • Good communication
  • Emphasis on safety
  • …and much more

Building Relationships with the Community

We aren’t only interested in providing one-off service to homeowners and commercial property owners throughout Baltimore. Instead, we strive to be the roofers that people call whenever they need professional assistance. We build lasting relationships with property owners throughout the community by establishing trust based on quality work and transparent rates.

Our commitment to meeting the needs of our clients has led to us becoming one of the area’s leading companies for roof repairs, installations, replacements, and more. Moreover, we only intend to continue improving as the years go by and our services remain in high demand.

Providing Fast Turnarounds

We understand the importance of repairing or replacing your roof quickly without sacrificing quality. Our team of experienced professionals is trained to work efficiently while still paying close attention to every detail of the job.

For example, when addressing a leaky roof, we’ll conduct a thorough inspection to pinpoint the exact location of the leak before making any repairs. This ensures that the repair work is targeted and effective, preventing further damage to your rooftop and quickly solving the issue.

Ask for a Roofing Estimate

We generate estimates for clients based on a thorough assessment of their roofing needs. First, we'll schedule a consultation to discuss the project and conduct a comprehensive evaluation of the roof. During the standard roofing consultation, we ask questions to determine the scope of the project, including the size of the roof, the type of roofing materials needed, and any other relevant details. We'll also take into consideration any special requirements or concerns that you may have.

Once we've gathered all the necessary information, we generate a detailed estimate that includes all the costs associated with the project. This includes labor, materials, equipment, and any other expenses related to the job. We'll also provide a timeline for the project, outlining when work is expected to start and when it’s expected to be completed.

For example, if you need a new roof installed on your home, we’ll evaluate the following:

  • Roof size
  • Roof slope
  • Roofing materials needed
  • Any additional features (gutters or skylights)
  • …and more

We'll then provide an estimate. This will give the client a clear understanding of what to expect and ensure that there are no surprises when it comes time to pay the bill.

Repairing Asphalt Shingle Roofs

Asphalt shingle roofs are a popular choice for homeowners due to their durability, affordability, and ease of installation. They’re also highly resistant to wind, rain, and hail damage, making them an excellent choice for properties located in areas prone to severe weather. With proper maintenance and timely repairs, asphalt shingle roofs can last for decades.

Our team of experienced professionals is trained to perform a wide range of repairs on asphalt shingle roofs, from minor damage caused by fallen debris to major structural issues. Here are some examples of the types of repairs we perform:

Repairing Leaks

If your asphalt shingle roof is leaking, our team will identify the source of the problem and make the necessary repairs to prevent further damage to your roof and property.

Replacing Damaged Shingles

Have you lost some shingles over the years? Do the remaining shingles look as though they could benefit from being replaced? Never fear—we can replace individual damaged or missing shingles to restore the integrity and appearance of your roof.

Fixing Flashing

Is the flashing on your property beginning to become detached or letting air and moisture inside? Whatever the issue, we’re the roofing company to call. We'll repair or replace flashing around chimneys, vents, and other roof penetrations to prevent water from entering your home or business.

Repairing or Replacing gutters

We can repair or replace damaged gutters and downspouts to ensure proper drainage and prevent water damage to your property.

Offering Roof Inspections to All

Roof inspections are an essential part of roof maintenance, as they can help identify potential issues before they become significant problems. Here, rooftop inspections are our specialty.

During an inspection, one of our dedicated roofing professionals will thoroughly examine the roof to check for any signs of damage, such as missing or broken shingles, cracks, leaks, or other issues. They’ll also inspect the roof's flashing, ventilation, and drainage systems.

After the inspection, we’ll provide you with a detailed report outlining any issues that were found and recommended repairs. This information helps you to make informed decisions about your roof's maintenance and repair needs.

Regular roof inspections are particularly important for older roofs or those that have been exposed to severe weather conditions. By identifying and addressing issues early on, we can extend the lifespan of your roof and avoid more costly repairs down the road.

Full-Service Roofing Solutions

We’re the roofer that does it all. From new roof construction to preventative roofing maintenance, we’re here to take care of all your roofing needs. Homeowners, business owners, property developers: All can take advantage of our top-tier services and competitive rates.

We can help with:

  • Residential roofing
  • Commercial roofing
  • Roof installations
  • Shingle replacement
  • Roof inspections
  • Damage assessments
  • Roof repair
  • Roof maintenance
  • …and more

No job is too big or small for us to handle. Whatever the size of the project, whatever the scope of the work, we’re the team that’s ready to serve.

Emergency Roofing Repairs Available Here

Our team of professionals is available 24/7 to respond to urgent roofing needs. We'll be there whether it's a severe leak or damage caused by a fallen tree.

When a client calls us for emergency roof repair services, we’ll dispatch a team of experts to the site as soon as possible. Our team will arrive fully equipped with the necessary tools and equipment to perform an initial assessment of the damage and determine the best course of action. We’ll then work quickly to implement temporary repairs to prevent further damage and ensure the safety of everyone on the property.

Feel free to book a consultation to discover everything we can do for you. We promise: The only thing you’ll regret is that you didn’t do it sooner.

Roofing Repairs, Installation, And More

Whiting Company is the top choice for a roofing company in Baltimore. Our commitment to quality artistry is backed by extensive training and experience in the field. Our team of professionals possesses a wealth of knowledge and expertise in roofing. So, whether you are looking for roofing repairs, installation, maintenance, or inspection, we can provide it with our comprehensive service. Let our one-stop shop be your roofing partner in Baltimore. Contact our dedicated team at (301) 218-5400 to book a consultation.

Why You Need Efficient Roofing Installations from Whiting Company

With the countless roofing projects Whiting Company has undertaken over the years, we understand what it means to provide fast and efficient roofing installations and how. Keep reading to learn more about the many advantages of working with us!

Avoid Lengthy Disruptions with Our Quick Roof Installations

A roofing installation project can disrupt the inhabitants' daily activities. A prolonged application can cause high levels of delay, inconvenience, and additional expenses to compensate. With our streamlined service, we can help minimize interruptions to the building occupants.

Prevent Structural Damage with Fast Roof Installations

During a roofing installation, your building is exposed to the elements. Such an instance can pose risks to the structural integrity and cause water damage, mold growth, and other issues. At Whiting Company, we are adept at reducing the risk of damage to your structure with swift roof installations.

Low-Cost Roofing Service

Leveraging years of experience and expert knowledge, Whiting Company provides a low-cost roofing service to customers.

Our team of experienced roofers executes the project efficiently like clockwork to keep labor costs low. We have developed a streamlined process that enables us to offer affordable roofing services without sacrificing quality. What’s more, we have built a network of established vendors in the industry for sourcing high-quality roofing materials at competitive rates. So when you work with us, you enjoy top-notch roofing materials at economical rates for an overall low-cost service.

Long-Lasting Roofing Repairs

Our expert craftsmanship and quality materials allow us to provide long-lasting roof repairs for your property.

Thorough Roofing Assessment

We will thoroughly inspect your roofing to assess the problem areas and identify underlying issues. We work backward from your issues to analyze your roof and its components. We aim to determine all the spots and facets that are contributing to the problematic symptoms you are facing.

Roofing Diagnosis and Repair Recommendations

Once we have identified the issues with your roof, we will diagnose your problems. Next, we will report our findings, diagnosis, repair recommendations, and budget. Our roofers will work with you to devise a solution that keeps your property safe while costing you the least amount possible.

High-Quality Roof Repair

After determining the right course of action with you, Whiting Company will repair your roof. We aim to provide you with a long-lasting solution that increases the life of your roof with first-rate materials and advanced techniques. Our repair service enables you to enjoy a roof with minimal issues in the future.

The Local Roofer Committed to Excellence

Our crew works with the highest standards in mind. As a local roofing company, we consider ourselves more than mere builders. More than just contractors. We’re tradespeople. Artisans. Masters of our craft. Passionate about our work, passionate about our services: We are the roofers committed to excellence.

As a client of ours, you can always expect us to show up on time, ready to work, and ready to meet your every need. We keep a line of communication open with our clients, making sure that we address any questions or concerns they have along the way. We adhere to strict quality control procedures, and we always stick to a deadline. We keep the job well underway—and well under budget.

Start with a No-Obligation Consultation for Your Roof

Get What You Need

Here at Whiting Company, we like to prove our worth and earn your trust. It’s with that in mind that we’re offering you a no-obligation consultation. We’ll send out a member of our team to meet you, at your location, and show you all that we can do for you.

The consultation is a chance for you to learn about us as a company, our services, and our work history. It’s also our chance to learn about you and your needs and to tailor our services accordingly. As a roofing contractor, we take the time to get to know our customers so that we can provide a higher standard of service. We want to get to know you, too, so be sure to book your consultation today.

Baltimore’s Leading Local Roofing Company

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Rain or shine, we’re here to answer your questions and help you make an informed decision on your investment. We’ll give you all the information you need to feel confident in your choice of contractor.

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Get Roofing Done Right by Hiring Our Contractors

Your roof is possibly the most important part of your house. It protects you from the various elements and keeps the house safe from rain, snowfall, and wind. Your roof also helps your house stay comfortable in the summertime by protecting it from those dangerous sun rays. Keeping this in mind, Whiting Company are some of the best residential roofers in the area and will always provide you with high-quality results. Keep us in mind for your next project to take advantage of our talents.

Stop Leaks

If you have a leak in your roof, it's important to get it fixed right away. A small leak can quickly turn into a big problem, and the sooner you address it, the better. Our roofing contractors are experts at finding and repairing leaks, and they'll make sure your roof is as good as new in no time.

Storm Safety

When severe weather hits, it's important to make sure your roof is in good condition. Hiring our experienced contractors can help ensure that your roof can withstand high winds and heavy rains. We can inspect your roof and make any necessary repairs to ensure that it is ready for whatever Mother Nature throws its way.

Energy Efficiency

When it comes to your roof, energy efficiency is key. That’s why our contractors are focused on providing you with the most energy-efficient solutions possible. From our materials to our methods, we strive to help you save money and conserve energy.

Our team will work with you to find the best possible roofing system for your needs and budget. We also offer a variety of financing options to make your project more affordable. We will be glad to tell you more about how we can help you save on your energy costs during your initial consultation.


When you need roofing done, you want to be sure it's done right. That's why you should hire our contractors. We have the experience and expertise to get the job done right, and we're committed to making sure your roof lasts.

We use only the highest quality materials, and our workmanship is second to none, so you can be confident that your roof will stand up to the elements for years to come.

Protect The Environment with a Shingle Roof

Shingle roofs are a great way to protect the environment. They are durable and long-lasting, so you won't have to replace them as often. They also reflect heat, which helps keep your home cooler in the summer. If you're looking for a roofing material that is good for the environment, shingles are a great option. Contact our roofers today to learn more about the advantages of this popular roofing material.

One of the Top Local Roofing Companies

If you're looking for a top-notch roofing company to take care of your needs, look no further than our team at Whiting Company. We've been serving the area for years, and we know what it takes to get the job done right. From repairs to replacements, we'll make sure your roof is in tip-top shape.

When it comes to roofing, there's no company that does it better than ours. We have a wide range of services that we offer, so no matter what your needs are, we can help. We're dedicated to providing our customers with the best possible service, and that starts with ensuring that their roofs are in good condition.

We are always happy to answer any questions you have and provide you with a free estimate. Get roofing done right by hiring our contractors!

Quality Roofing Services Since 1976

If you're looking for quality roofing services, then you will never be disappointed with our well-established local roofers. We've been providing quality roofing services since 1976, so we know a thing or two about getting the job done right. We'll work with you to ensure that your roof is in top condition, and we'll always stand behind our work.

There’s a reason why we have been in business so long, and it begins with our exceptional customer service. We go above and beyond to ensure every who interacts with our company has a positive experience and gets roofing services that surpass their expectations.

Our Roofing Process: What to Expect from Our Company

If you're in need of roofing repairs or a new roof completely, our contractors are here to help. We'll walk you through the entire process, so there are no surprises and everything is done right.

Here's what to expect when you hire our company for your roofing needs:

  • Initial Consultation: We'll come out to your property and inspect the current condition of your roof. We'll then discuss with you what options are available and provide a free estimate.
  • Roof Repairs: If your roof just needs some repairs, we'll get right to work fixing any leaks or damaged areas. We'll make sure the job is done right so your roof will be back to peak condition in no time.
  • Replacing Your Roof: If you need a new roof, we'll work with you to choose the best option for your home. We'll then install your new roof quickly and efficiently so that it's ready to protect your property for years to come.

We promise to make things easy no matter what type of roofing services you need. Drop us a line anytime to start working with our local roofing specialists.

Complete Your Roofing Project on Schedule

One way that we help accommodate our clients is by ensuring that their job is always completed within the originally quoted timeframe. We’ve worked on countless roofing projects, so we know what it takes to get the job done right and on time. We can work with you to develop a schedule that works for you and ensure that the project stays on track.

Don’t wait until your roof needs repairs to start thinking about a schedule. Contact our roofing contractors today to get started on your project. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you have and help you get your roofing done right.

Top Roofing Company in Baltimore

There are a lot of reasons you might have to call a roofing company. You might need roof repairs, an inspection, maintenance, or a new roof installation. As numerous as the reasons might be, there is only one single company that you ever need to call when you are in need—and that is Whiting Company.

Offering the most comprehensive roofing solutions in the Baltimore area, we are here for you. Our approach to residential roofing will leave you with a rooftop that endures through the ages.

Years of experience, years of training, and more. Call (301) 218-5400 to request our valued roofing services.

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Simply the Best Roofing Solutions

There are a lot of benefits to working with a top-tier roofing contractor. Professionals make informed decisions when obstacles arise, for one. They don’t panic when they encounter a bad roof leak or hazardous roof damage. They approach situations calmly and rely on their years of experience when determining how to proceed.

Ideally, an experienced roofer will also know how to source the best roofing materials. Any roofer can look at a roof and know it needs new shingles—but only the best roof technicians know where to find the most suitable shingles and additional roofing materials for the job.

The people in our community know we are the roofers to look for when they want professionalism at every turn. We’ve earned our position as the go-to roofing team through years and years of hard work and dedication. We have incorporated the best practices into our business and done away with inferior tactics, below-average products, and anything else that can get in the way of a job well done.

Whiting Company is the premier roofing company in Baltimore. Tested, trusted, and experienced, we’ve earned a strong reputation as a stellar service provider, garnering praise and acclaim wherever we go. No matter the size or the scope of the job, we promise timely service, expert customer care, and top-of-the-line craftsmanship. Quality, convenience, excellence—expect no less than the best from the area’s top team of roofers.

In-Depth Consultations for You

We don’t expect you to identify your roofing issues before contacting us. All we ask is that you contact us at the first sign of trouble or at the outset of your project. We will arrange a time for an in-depth consultation. From there, we will determine the most efficient and effective course of action.

To schedule a consultation, or to request a quote, give us a call at (301) 218-5400 today.

Best-in-Class Roofing Services

Our team offers a wide range of roofing care. Allow us to outline some of the most requested services that we undertake on a regular basis.

Residential Asphalt Shingle Services

Asphalt shingles are favored by countless homeowners. At present, they are one of the most popular roof materials available today. People favor them for their affordability, longevity, and their uniform appearance. When many people think of the standard American rooftop, they are picturing asphalt shingles without even realizing it.

High performance at a lower cost. What could be better? Working with us ensures that you reap all the benefits of these roofing materials without worry. Whether you need us to source new shingles for you or simply install shingles you have already purchased, you’ll get standout service from start to finish.

Do you want 3-tab asphalt shingles or dimensional shingles? We can even help you find asphalt shingles that mimic the appearance of slate and cedar shakes. Our longstanding relationships with reliable suppliers ensure that you’ll never have to wait long for new shingles—and you will never have to overpay, either.

Look to us when you need asphalt shingles for your home. We know where to source them from, and we know how to install them with care.

Hail and Storm Damage Repairs

Rooftops typically have no problem withstanding heavy rainfall, but hail is a whole other story. Hail has the potential to dislodge roof components, tear away shingles, and collapse gutters. A roof can go from picturesque to completely punctured in little time at all.

Thankfully, our roofing contractors know how to address roof damages of all varieties. Hail and storm damage repairs are our specialty, as well. We can replace dented metals, replace punctured shingles, and more. In times of severe storm damage, we can completely restore the entire rooftop. Projects like these might take time, but they will never take any more time than necessary—and that is a promise.

Storms occur at the most inconvenient of times, but there is never an inconvenient time to call us. You need a puncture-free and stable rooftop to go about your day and protect your home, and that is why we offer around-the-clock emergency repair services. We invite you to contact us at the first sign of damage. We will arrive on site promptly with all the equipment needed to restore the rooftop to its former glory.

You need a roofer you can trust. At Whiting Company, we strive to build that trust by delivering a superior standard of service, a personalized experience, and best-in-class results. We take pride in our work. We take pride in helping our clients, serving our community, and making sure everyone has a good-working roof over their heads. For us, roofing isn’t just a job. It’s a passion. It’s our livelihood, and it’s something at which we excel.

Great Rates on Roof Services

When determining the rate of any roofing service, we take material costs, labor rates, and other variables into account. While many roofing projects are certainly not cheap, you will never find us charging any more than necessary for our roof work. We price our services in such a way that everyone can afford them when they are in need.

Our work might be premium grade, but you won’t have to pay premium rates for our services. We keep our clients in mind when determining the prices for our services. Look to us when you want that sort of client-centered service. We are confident you will be happy with us during the billing period.

Our roofers are trained, dedicated, and fully licensed. They are courteous on every job site, professional with every client. They treat you and your property with the utmost respect, consistently going above and beyond to ensure your satisfaction.

When you choose us, we promise:

  • Prompt service
  • Punctual staff
  • Transparent prices
  • Extended warranties
  • Satisfaction guaranteed

The Full-Service Roofing Contractor

We offer a complete range of services to take care of all your needs, wants, and wishes. No job is too big or small for our team to tackle. From new roof construction to routine inspections, we can do it all.

Our roofing services include:

  • Installation
  • Replacement
  • Restoration
  • Repair
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Annual inspections
  • Leak repair
  • …and more

As a full-service roofer, we provide comprehensive solutions to your precise roofing problems. Thanks to our breadth of expertise, we don’t need to rely on other experts to do our job for us. We do all the work ourselves, keeping a close eye on the project so that it proceeds on time and within budget. Save time, save money, and choose the local leaders to service your roof.

Local Roofers Committed to Customer Satisfaction

Your needs are our focus—your satisfaction is our promise. As a roofing company, we pride ourselves on providing a superior service experience based on quality, honesty, and professionalism. We stand behind our work, and we remain steadfast in our commitment to customer satisfaction.

That’s why all our services come with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. If you’re not satisfied, neither are we. In the rare event that we don’t live up to your expectations, rest assured that we’ll do everything necessary to fix the problem and leave you satisfied. We’re confident that won’t be necessary, but we figure it’s only fair to give you that extra peace of mind anyway.

Quick Turnarounds on Roof Repairs

People want roofing contractors to perform their repairs, installations, and inspections swiftly and promptly. Quick turnarounds aren’t just an expectation, though—they are necessary. Roofers can’t leave roof leaks unaddressed for long, after all. The longer your roof has a leak, the more vulnerable your home is to water damage, and the more the entire roofing system will suffer.

Look to us when you want fast turnarounds on your roofing services. Alongside our commitment to quick repair work comes the added promise of quality. We aren’t the sort of roofers who cut corners to finish our work on time. Our years of experience allow us to work swiftly without sacrificing any shred of quality. This is just one of the reasons why clients recommend us to their friends and neighbors when they are in need.

Top-Notch Roofing Professionals

We take pride in delivering the best roofing service in Baltimore, so we never compromise our service in any way, including the quality of the roofers we employ. Every applicant must undergo a rigorous screening process, and we only select licensed, certified, and experienced roofers to join our team. Moreover, our team members must go through intensive on-the-job training to help them learn and master the trade tricks as they go. We appreciate every new client that comes our way, and we extend our appreciation by ensuring Baltimore's best roofers work on their roofs.

Roofing Company Known for Outstanding Quality

If your roof needs maintenance or repairs or is ready to be replaced, you might be looking for a roofer that delivers outstanding work. If so, look no further than the roofers at Whiting Company. Our team boasts skills, expertise, and knowledge you won't find anywhere else. We work with meticulous detail to ensure we deliver long-lasting results that are made to withstand harsh weather conditions. When our service is completed, you will be left with beautiful, durable results worth every penny of your investment.

Don't settle for anything less than outstanding roofing service; call us now!

Masterful Roof Installations

When the people of Baltimore need a new roof installed, they always choose our service. We are recognized locally for our proficient work, executing each job with intent and precision to create the finest roofing systems, one roof at a time.

Here at Whiting Company, we work off a new slate with every new customer. Every building owner has a unique request and preference, so it's crucial we take a tailored approach to our services. We include our clientele in the project, allowing them to guide us with their opinions so we build roofs their way. Our roofers are multi-talented with experience working on various roofing types and offer every client a catalog of options to choose from regarding material, style, and color.

If you would like to experience what all our previous customers experienced with our service, we encourage you to get in touch! We'll provide all the pertinent details to help you make an informed investment decision.

Unmatched Roof Repairs and Maintenance Service

Here at Whiting Company, we offer complete repair and maintenance services to keep your roof in optimal working condition. As part of that, we employ a rigorous inspection process to give your roof a thorough and error-free diagnostic assessment. We inspect the entire roof for any signs of damage, and all indications of wear and tear, to get to the bottom of its issues. Once this step is complete, we develop a comprehensive action plan covering everything from preventative maintenance to repairs.

Our clients are never left in the dark when we're working on their roofs. We'll review every available option for repairs and maintenance—offering our professional opinion for each—so they can make an informed decision. Lastly, we strive to provide budget-friendly roofing solutions so our services are available to every property owner in Baltimore.

Full-Suite Roof Inspections

When we're hired to inspect a roof, we leave no stone unturned and look under every shingle for areas of concern. We're Baltimore's preferred roofing inspection company because they are comprehensive, meticulous, and cost-effective. After working on hundreds of roofs over the years, we've developed a detailed process that offers every roof a complete performance breakdown. No matter the issue, we are trained and licensed to work on it.

Our tea of talented roofers can help with the following:

  • Water damage
  • Storm damage
  • Plywood or sheathing damages
  • Cosmetic damage
  • Missing or cracked shingles
  • Mold or moss growth
  • Leaks
  • Poor insulation
  • …and more

Combining the latest tools with proven-to-work techniques, we put roofs through a rigorous stress test, evaluate their condition and create a detailed service plan. That way, roofs last longer and become less prone to extreme damage.

Roofing Services on Your Schedule

Most people can attest that when roofing work is underway, the noise and construction site can disrupt their routine. We believe that when a client hires us, they shouldn't have to be inconvenienced at any time during the project. As such, we offer flexible scheduling options to make the investment one they can tolerate and be happy about.

If we get a request to start the project once our client has left for work, so we don't disrupt their sleep, we will be happy to work with a personalized schedule. If they have a particular timeline or deadline that works best for them, we always do our best to make it work. While more extensive and complex jobs take up more time, we will extend the project timeline if it means our client doesn't need to be inconvenienced. We never ask our clients to compromise their time; instead, we do the compromising to ensure complete satisfaction.

If you're looking for a flexible roofing company that will work with you to set up a convenient schedule you don't need to stress over, get in touch with us! We'd love to discuss what you're looking for and what role we will play to help you achieve your roofing goals.

Professional and Friendly Roofing Company

Whiting Company is among Baltimore's top-rated roofing companies, and we're proud to say we have a growing list of repeat clients. We achieved this pinnacle of success by delivering high-quality work infused with friendly and professional customer service. We comprise a team of multi-skilled roofers with decades of collective experience in all areas of roofing. What's more, our clients are always beyond satisfied with the friendly and professional demeanor our roofers possess while on the job.

What is the secret to having a team of the friendliest roofers? It's simple. We only hire the best contractors who share our organizational personality.

When our roofers arrive at a project, they will be open and honest about the roof's state and answer every question to ensure the client is not left in the dark about the service they're paying for. What's more is they are all certified and licensed, allowing them to work on your roof without liability. We're confident you won't find a company like ours, and you will be just as satisfied as the rest of our clients.

If paying for a service you enjoy intrigues you, get in touch with our friendly team.

For Roofing in Baltimore, Choose Whiting Company

We know we are your best bet for local roofing services—and we want you to know it too. We’ve helped countless customers stay protected while saving them time and money. Now you can too.

Contact us to get started today.